Ankify Lodge(ex Hotel Dauphin Bleu) - Ankify - Madagascar (Nosy Be, Ambanja)

Ambanja - Nosy Be
N o r t h e r n  M a d a g a s c a r


Outdoor activities

Ankify is the heart of an outstanding magnificient region located between the Ampasindava bay (Nosy Be, Nosy Komba, Nosy Tanikely) and Tsimipaika bay (Nosy Faly, le port d’Ankify). The beauty of our region can be best expressed by the diversity of its breathtaking sceneries.

The ecosystems, their flora and fauna are the hallmark of the very Ankify region. Some tour guides still reckon the area as a port of call, where it should be regarded as an untouched, well preserved area teeming with outstanding sceneries.

Access to the various sites is possible through sea, on a motorised pirogue or a fast boat, by car from the hotel, and on foot. we have (arbitrarily) choosen to differentiate our activities into three categories

Exclusive excursions

discovered and specifically designed by the dauphin bleu's team, gathered along its own exploration stints, none of these are offered by outside tour operators. we endeavour to keep theseáuntouched natureásites the way they were when we first stepped onto them.

Local excursions

It will allow you for half a day to wander through the most picturesque spots of the peninsula. Guided by one of our team, you will go for a relaxing promenade, the whole excursion coming at a very reasonable price.

Great classic excursions

Our team has designed the full visit of the most reknown islands scattered around the magnificent bay of Nosy Be. You will benefit from a customized accompaniment, far from the mainstream touristic hustle and bustle, where you can improvise at will to make the most of our outings.

When booking, do not hesitate to contact us for the organization of your excursions


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